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We Buy:

  • Stainless steel scrap metals
  • Ferrous scrap metals
  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous scrap metals
  • High temperature alloys
  • Obsolete machinery and non-conforming parts
  • Plant clean-outs

Scrap Metal Services

We are buyers of industrial ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, providing business-to-business personalized scrap metal management solutions.

Marwol Metals:

  • Provides high prices and responsive trucking services.
  • Delivers scrap only to environmentally sound scrap yards in compliance with all regulations and industry standards.
  • Provides roll-off and lugger containers for outside the plant.
  • Provides lids for the scrap containers to minimize moisture and theft.
  • Provides dump hoppers for use inside the plant to facilitate loading the scrap to the outside equipment.
  • Safely removes obsolete machinery and provides total plant clean-outs.
  • Customizes trucking schedule to meet production needs.
  • Scraps obsolete, damaged, or non-conforming parts from warehouses or other facilities and provides verification and certificate of destruction.
  • Identifies methods of safely handling and sorting your scrap material.
  • Operating independently from the scrap yards, Marwol Metals delivers scrap to yards which provide maximum prices, have better proximity to minimize freight costs, and have appropriate processing capabilities and off-loading abilities.

For more information:
Contact us at 248.356.3444 or email info@marwolmetals.com.